Ray Wood was awarded the Letter of the Month prize in CoarseFisherman magazine last month for his letter about the KicklesFarm controversy.

I contacted Ray for his address and back came the followingemail:

Hi Graham

I am most flattered that the editor (CoarseFisherman) thought my letter worthy of ‘Letter of the Month’.However, my letter was not sent in to win anyprizes.

The letter was meant to show how Ifelt about the sad state of things on the Ouse.

Would you kindly ask the editor ofCoarse Fisherman to donate my prize to any charitable event thatFishingmagic may be involved with, or better still donate it toanything that Fishingmagic is involved in with youngsters I am suresome young angler would appreciate it.



That’s a generous gesture Ray, so now we throw it open to ourmembers to suggest where the prize of two Fox Micron M bite alarmsand two Fox Adjusta Hangers goes. I’ll start a forum thread, so ifanyone has any nominations for a worthwhile cause involving childrenplease add them to the thread. The charity that gets most votes bythe end of next week gets the prize, courtesy of Ray Wood.

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