To buy Drennan Acolyte 13ft float rod or not?

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Carp Fishing Rigs

Check out three awesome rigs designed to cover most carp fishing eventualities in this video .

The Corn-Aligner

Ian Welch re-visits a rig which appears to have fallen off the radar of many anglers

Rigs Page – Bullet Booms

This time Basil McCabe has been experimenting with drilled musket balls and anti-tangle tubing to make a 'bullet boom'

Rigs – Tying the Fixed Hair Pellet Band

Another version of tying a pellet band to a hook.

Deadly baiting and Deadly hookbaits!

NoKnot describes his baiting methods for carp...

Experimental predator rigs

Paul Hadfield (Dayglowfroggy) puts his thinking cap on - but wonders if his ideas can be improved.

Avoid rigs that tangle.

Carp coach Ian Gemson shows how to avoid tangling rigs.

The Smiffrig

Was this fish caught on one of the most complicated rigs in history?

Sharp End

In this rigs feature, Dave Rothery highlights the problems of straight lines with leadcore and suggests a way to avoid them.
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