Malcolm Wilkins, 41, a Woodley Town Council worker from Reading, Berks, was still trying to get his breath back after matching six numbers in the Lottery Extra Jackpot and scooping £ 10,166,103. It is the third largest win in the history of the game.

Malcolm, a maintenance assistant, had a go in last Saturday’s game and watched the BBC’s Lottery show. He went numb when he saw his numbers come up.

A keen angler with a 25lb catfish to his credit, Malcolm said, “I couldn’t believe it at first, so I asked my brother to check I hadn’t got it wrong and he just thought I was kidding.

“When he saw I’d won we both just sat there shaking. I went completely numb and kept having to pinch myself to make sure it was really happening. After I checked again on Teletext and found out I was the only winner, I was glad I was already sitting down or else I’d have fallen over.”

Malcolm lives with his brother Christopher in a former council house. They have one sister. The two brothers are single, and Malcolm said he hadn’t had a girlfriend in 15 years.

“That might change,” he said. “If the right person comes along.”

A keen golfer as well as angler, Malcolm says he plans to carry on working part time, but to fish and play more golf.

He is planning a big party with his workmates and says he has always fancied a world cruise. Top of his shopping list is an estate car. And a new house with a lake and golf course in the back garden.

Malcolm has played Lottery Extra since the game was launched in November 2000.