Packing the car for a fishing session is always challenging. Have you got the right rods for the job? Chosen the correct bait? If it’s fishing well will you decide to stay overnight and have to squeeze in a shelter, bedchair and sleeping bag? Decisions we all take, every time we head out to our favourite lake or river and decisions that can catch us – or lose us – fish!

Of course when we go on a longer fishing trip, say the annual carp fishing holiday, or a ‘get away from the wife’ social with mates it is a whole lot harder. Then you have to factor in a number of different possibilities, get it wrong and what should have been the highlight of your angling year becomes a nightmare.

For many trips the main problem is if you forget something the chances are you will not be able to source it at your destination and no matter how well you plan there is usually something you will forget!

Then there is the uncertainty of the conditions you will be faced with, particularly on the typically large venues, and you can never be fully kitted out with everything you will need if, for example, a big wind picks up, temperatures plummet, rivers are flooded, the fish are only showing at range… At home you can go back, or phone a friend, for an inflatable boat, an echo sounder, extra leads, new line. On a big pit miles from nowhere you are stuck with having to make the most of what you’ve brought.

Then there is the question of bait…Arguably the most important factor in the entire equation. Difficult to source at the right price and in the right quality and quantity in some areas, if indeed you can source it at all but so heavy and bulky that you can never squeeze enough in at home without compromising other essential items. A 25 kilo sack of hemp or an extra set of rods; you really need both to make your fishing easier but it just can’t be done, or can it?

Buy a top box, hire a trailer? Tell your mate there is no room for him…Yes, all possibilities but ultimately none of them are really satisfactory if you want to make the most of your trip and the most of your fishing. This is your break, it needs to be a pleasure, not a chore, and you need to ensure that you fully kitted out for all eventualities without it breaking the bank – and this is where Europcar can be the most important fishing partner you will ever have!

With our diverse range of economical and affordable hire vans we can make sure you have room for everything you will need to ensure your fishing trip dreams become reality, not a nightmare! Check out the VW Caddy for that extra crate of beer and the BBQ for the lads’ weekend away, or how about the Renault Trafic to make sure you have all the bait and kit for that week of holiday carp fishing? And with a current 20% discount deal there has never been a better time to book so check out just how we can make your fishing trips easier HERE.

We can’t actually make the fish feed but whatever you fish for and wherever you are going fishing we can make sure you get there with everything you need, the rest is down to you…