Ross Honey right and Rob Nunn left with one of the huge cats that are in the Ebro at Chiprana

Following on from his previous success of eleven years running the World Carp Classic, angling impresario Ross Honey has done it again. He has just announced the World Catfish Classic, an event sponsored by Berkley, which will be organised by the owners of the World Carp classic.

For the first time ever, the catfish becomes the quarry in a world class event. The host country for the 2011 event was chosen to be Spain and the venue, perhaps unsurprisingly, is the river Ebro in the area around the small town of Chiprana near Caspe.

Ross told us “”It Is with great pleasure that after successfully establishing and running the World Carp Classic that I am launching this new event.

“The location at Chiprana on the Ebro is spectacular and is well known for a combination of big catfish and large numbers of them. We are proud to have Berkley as our title sponsor and we are looking forward to staging a great event”.

The catch and release event will be called the Berkley World Catfish Classic and will feature a big prize table. Best angling practice will be observed at all times and anglers from over 20 countries will be attending. The event is to be held in June 2011.

Ross told us that the event will be launched on the 18th June after which more details will be released. So watch this space.