With lure fishing enjoying ever-increasing popularity many known predator swims are becoming increasingly overfished and you will often hear anglers saying: “The swim has been fished to death”, “The swim is burnt out” or “It’s not worth going there any more!”.

The Quantum JokerIn some cases, it may well be that the fish are avoiding the swim, or at least not visiting it as regularly as in the past. However, it could also be that the fish are still in the swim but are stubbornly and persistently ignoring all familiar or unnatural baits.

My friend Ralf and I visited one such swim on a sunny autumn day recently, we actually wanted to avoid it since even fishing livebaits did not bring the success on previous visits but we decided to give the Quantum Joker a chance, as it would surely be unfamiliar to the fish here.

You wanted that didn't you!The very first cast produced a bite and a medium-sized perch, a good omen, and Ralf needed no more persuasion as, apparently, we had found a lure that would make the perch drop their guard. Then, after two missed bites, I hooked a good 45cm perch right in front of my feet but lost it straight away. I was still voicing my disappointment when Ralf shouted: “Don’t worry, I’ve got one now!…and what a one it was!

The rod was bent to the limit and I was on my way to take photos and help land the monster. Everything ran smoothly and the tape measure read 49.5cm, just short of that magical 50cm threshold but, of course, we were still ecstatic as it was a première for the Joker and a new personal best. As far as technique was concerned the interesting thing was that we weren’t retrieving the Joker along the bottom but around two metres below the surface.

One thing is for sure, I won’t be going fishing for perch again without the Joker, and the same goes for Ralf!