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New from Princeton Field Guides

An essential book for anyone planning to fish the lakes, ponds, streams and rivers of Britain.

Britain hosts a diversity of freshwater environments, from torrential hill streams and lowland rivers to lakes, reservoirs, ponds, canals, ditches, and upper reaches of estuaries.

Britain’s Freshwater Fishes covers the 53 species of freshwater and brackish water fishes that are native or have been introduced and become naturalized. This beautifully illustrated guide features high-quality in-the-water or on-the-bank photographs throughout. Detailed species accounts describe the key identification features and provide information on status, size and weight, habitat, ecology, and conservation. Written in an accessible style, the book also contains introductory sections on fish biology, fish habitats, how to identify fishes, and conservation and legislation.

• Covers all of Britain’s freshwater fishes

• Features beautiful photos throughout

• Includes detailed information on 53 species, the places they inhabit, and their roles in Britain’s ecosystems

• Attractively designed and easy to use


FishingMagic says:

Mark Everard is well known to FishingMagic readers and it’s a safe bet that any book Mark has had a hand in is going to be worth more than a quick look, and this is no exception.

‘Britain’s Freshwater Fishes’ is designed primarily as a field guide for naturalists, students and anyone with an interest in understanding and exploring the freshwater environment, rather than being ‘just’ for the angler but there is a wealth of information inside that will assist anyone new to angling to gain a better understanding of their quarry. Further than that there is also much inside to pique the interest of the old hand too, particularly in respect of some of the lesser known species (motherless minnows, black bullheads, topmouth gudgeon etc), in the ecology and conservation notes of all species and in the identification notes in respect of easily confused species such as roach and rudd and crucian carp and goldfish.

The book covers the 41 species of freshwater fish that are native to Britain and
Ireland, together with 12 that have been introduced and the common estuarine species, such as smelt, flounder, mullet and bass are also considered within this number. In addition there are excellent brief notes on habitat, morphology and legislation, which serve to give a good overview of the British fish fauna.

In respect of the fish the family groups are considered and discussed before the individual species are examined in more detail, again serving to give a good general understanding of the topic. The illustrations are excellent and although there are many ‘on the bank’ images the majority are very high quality ‘in the water’ shots that serve to put the species in excellent context and give a far better appreciation of natural colouration and morphology.

‘Britain’s Freshwater Fishes’ by Mark Everard is published by Princeton University Press with the RRP of the paper copy £17.95

ISBN (paper) 9780691156781 ISBN (eBook) 9781400846894



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