EFTTA Terminates DHP Ltd Membership for promoting EFTTEX rival show

EFTTA has announced that it has terminated the membership of David Hall Publishing Ltd (DHP Ltd).

The EFTTA Board voted unanimously at the recent Board Meeting in Budapest, to take the decision after DHP launched the Tackle Trade World Fair exhibition in direct opposition to EFTTA’s own EFTTEX exhibition.

An official statement from the EFTTA Board, released yesterday, said:

“Given EFTTA’s financial reliance on the success of EFTTEX, the board felt that the resulting conflict of interest that DHP Ltd would have as a EFTTA member, promoting and having a financial interest in a rival show, is clearly inconsistent with the policies and objectives of EFTTA.

The launch of DHP’s show has been a long-standing matter of concern for the EFTTA Board. The concern does not arise on the grounds of competition since we accept that EFTTA must, like any commercial organisation, be prepared to accept competition.

“The EFTTA Board does not believe that DHP Ltd should therefore continue to receive the benefits of EFTTA membership when the company is jeopardising the aims and objectives of the organisation.”


EFTTEX is the international fishing tackle trade show that’s been operating for 26 years – and stand sales for next year’s exhibition prove that we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

In fact, with 175 exhibitors already booked from 34 different countries, EFTTEX 2008 is clearly Europe’s #1 trade exhibition with over 90% of the floor space already sold.

Industry big-hitters such as Shimano, VMC Rapala, Pure Fishing, DAM/Svendsen and Propesca have now booked at EFTTEX 2008. Last year’s show in Prague saw our highest attendance in eight years. EFTTEX is the global platform where the trade unites and aims to provide commercial opportunities for angling businesses worldwide. EFTTA is the voice of the industry and we work hard to bring the trade what they want based on their feedback.

Any enquiries regarding this announcement should be directed to the EFTTA Secretariat General Manager, Janet Doyle, via email to janetdoyle@eftta.com