FISHING REPORT – 6th June 2001

Fishery manager Colin Lawrenson informs me that its been a week ofvery changeable weather and blustery winds caused some very difficultfishing conditions. However some good returns were submitted with atotal of 288 fish caught from 120 returns.

The middle of the week saw some of the better conditions and thiswas reflected in the numbers of fish caught.

Generally the East Bank has been the more popular side of thereservoir in particular the Cascade area through to the Gorse Bush’sbeing the ‘Hot spot’ of the week.

Many of the larger fish were taken from this excellent areaincluding local angler Alan Toppings’ rainbow of 7lbs 4oz. This fishwas taken on an olive damselfly nymph fishing to the Cascade.

Other producing areas were Flamingo Bay, Verduns Point and BrambleBay where anglers have enjoyed their fare share of sport from bothboat and bank.

Damselfly nymphs are still accounting for the majority of fish butblack buzzers, GRHE and Black Tadpoles are well worth a try.

The Aerators, which have now been on for just over a week shouldbe starting to attract fish in large numbers and boat anglers couldwell find this a worthwhile place to visit. Try a floating orintermediate line with nymphs for consistent action. The trick is todrift through the bubbles with a drogue and cast into the aeratedwater – i.e. into the bubbles. A slow retrieve is often best.

Seasons totals – 6530 fish caught, 2071 returns giving a rodaverage of 3.2 and top rainbow (so far) is 9lbs 2oz.

Colin and Pat can be contacted at the Fishing Lodge from 7am – 7pmon 01283 703202 and permit prices are shown below.

All Day – £13-50 8 Fish limit.
Afternoon – £11-00 4 Fish limit. (Check with Lodge forstart times.)
Evening – £7-00 2 Fish limit. (Check with Lodge for starttimes.)
Juveniles/Reg Disabled & Pensioners – £10 for 5 fishlimit. (All day)

Please contact Colin or Pat for further information on boatavailability and prices.

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