With so little to report from the fishing front in my part of the world, perhaps a few funnies can fill the gap left by near-zero returns from a river too low and de-oxygenated to ethically fish.

How about you? If you, too, have little to write about, why not put pen to paper and add a little cartoon humour to your favourite fishing website? Remember, it’s the humour that counts so an ability to draw proficiently is neither here nor there UNLESS you’re one of those people who simply ‘can’t draw a straight line’, in which case I’ll gladly take your instructions and manifest your gag in black ink. Come on! I bet there’s a wealth of brilliant humour out there!

You can e mail your images (or your descriptions) to me at cliffordhatton@gmail.com 


I have an exhibition of my cartoons in Hay on Wye this October. One of the pic’s I intend showing depicts a fella leaving a Chinese take-away with his purchase (there is no caption) but one of the organisers expressed her concern that it might be considered ‘offensive’! She’s a lovely lady, but what on Earth has got into people to make them even consider such a possibility?

This was inspired by a superb cartoon I saw in The Oldie cartoon-book depicting a couple in the rain, he with a very long-handled umbrella in one hand and a leash in the other. “You spoil that giraffe” she says. Of course, the cartoon is far more immediate and very much funnier than an explanation.

This appeared in Private Eye a couple of months back: simple but – clearly – effective!

Let’s have yours! It’s well-known within the FM ‘community’ that we have some real jokers amongst us so it’d be great to see some samples of your humour.