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6th May 2002

Lymm Dam is on fire at the moment with all its range of species feeding hard all around the water. This happens each year, although it is always difficult to predict exactly when.

John Hodson has again landed a carp of over 20lb from the Baycliffe side. This latest fish was caught just minutes from the first cast of his session, and turned out to be another well conditioned fish of 20lb-8-0.

John’s fishing companions spent the whole of their session landing roach and perch all day, with some approaching specimen proportions.

Another Lymm Dam regular is Life Member, Dennis Stokes, who can catch fish when the fishing is hard. However, at the moment he is enjoying excellent fishing, with roach and bream forming the basis of his considerable catches.

Local tackle dealer, Jim Shaw, has reported excellent catches of good sized bream to all methods.

The biggest reported bream in this water was caught a couple of years ago by a carp angler, his fish which weighed in at 10lb-4-0 was caught at night. If anybody knows of a bigger bream caught from the Dam, please let me know.

Tench action is excellent on Whitley Pool, Lymmvale and the Sankey Canal. Bailiff Steve Mitchell last week had sessions on Whitley Pool and Lymmvale landing tench by the dozen on both. He reports breaking the ton barrier twice on Lymmvale, without doubt this is fishing at its very best.

On the Sankey Canal early morning is the best time for the tench. Mashed bread introduced against the reeds soon has the tench bubbling in earnest, with action reflecting the fishes wish to feed in earnest. At the moment the best area is alongside the tip road at Sankey Bridges.

Statham Pool benefited from last week’s rain, as it appears it has flushed away the alga problem. It is now fishing very well with rough maggot as good a bait as any. Most notable fish reported are bream to 5lb and roach to 1.5lb. These fish were caught eighteen inches off the bottom in seven foot of water, with a steady trickle of loose bait introduced regularly.

Spring Pool continues to produce silver orfe (ide) to 4.5lb. Last weekend Sue Jupp landed two over 4lb, which were in amongst her catch of eight orfe, 15 golden rudd and numerous perch. The day before officials Dave Hughes and Mark Clowes caught a similar mix of fish.

Bailiffs are encountering a lot of members using three rods, which at this time of year is against the rules. These members are having their licences endorsed, and all members are asked to carefully read the rules. Bailiff activities have intensified over the last few weeks, and this elevated bailiff activity will be sustained throughout the Summer.

Members are asked to fully co-operate with our bailiffs, as they are there to protect the rights of all our members, and this can only be achieved by mutual co-operation. If you wish to help with bailiffing, please give me a ring.

I can be contacted on 01925 411774.