White Acres are about to revolutionise the way pools money is distributed in matches.

The holiday park management acknowledge that patrons who take part in the weekly residents matches vary in terms of abilities and experience yet traditional pools money structures are geared towards only the very best anglers winning.

That is where the new Gold, Silver and Red pools money system steps in creating effectively three matches within one match so that similar standards of anglers can compete against each other for the respective pools money kitty.

Anglers who have never previously won a section at White Acres will be eligible to enter the Red, Silver or Gold pools, while anglers who have never won a match at White Acres will be eligible for the Silver and Gold pool, while the Gold pool is open to all comers and the stars with match wins to their name.

Depending on the number of anglers entering each pool the moneys will be paid out to the anglers with the top three or four weights of fish in each respective pool. Each of the pools will cost £ 10 to enter and there will be an additional £ 5 entry section money pool paid out to the winner of each normal section in the match.

An added weekly bonus for anglers who win the Red and Silver pool is qualification for an exclusive new winners week festival during October where they will compete against each other in festival style match fishing in the knowledge that the top stars won’t be there.

What is more a new fully sponsored festival is planned for next Spring which will be open only to non sponsored and club anglers giving those who have previously never won big in a White Acres event the chance to taste big match glory.

The schemes have been devised by co owner Peter Tham and fishery manager Clint Elliott from an idea conceived by Keith Arthur.

‘As a holiday park we like to encourage all our customers to enjoy match fishing and the new pools structure means that beginners and the less experienced can compete alongside the stars knowing they stand a chance of some reward for their efforts,’ said fishery manager Clint Elliott who will be responsible for adjudicating who fits into which category. Expert anglers who are newcomers to White Acres will not be able to slot into the red category as Clint explained: ‘I will judge newcomer’s status, for example if Bob Nudd came down he would go straight into the Gold pool category’.

Roy Marlow respected fishery consultant and the brains behind the Glebe and Mallory Park in Leicestershire commented: ‘the concept is brilliant it could be the blueprint for match angling country wide and help encourage badly needed new blood into the match angling scene’.

For more info contact Clint Elliott at White Acres fishing lodge on 01726 862113or Brian Gay on 07768612872.