If you are over forty-odd, you just might! Look hard and think back some thirty years. 

Who would be using a ‘pin back then, and a ‘pin you might have seen somewhere for yourself? And where would you have seen it? In the angling press? On TV perhaps?

A ‘pin angler. On TV. Thirty years ago. You’ve got it by now. Chris Yates on Passion For Angling! Yes, this is the reel that Chris used for the series, and which was made especially for him. 

James Buckley was wielding it during our recent weekend on the Wye, and whilst it didn’t manage a barbel, it accounted for a good few chub. Sadly, because I have moved so many blooming times this century, I have lost both the tape and the book of the Passion series, but James assures me he has checked and double-checked. He also bought the reel with full, watertight provenance. For the mighty sum of SEVENTY POUNDS.

I hate the lad. This is a cracking reel in its own right, and a joy to use, never mind who owned it once. I’d fish with not much else, to be honest. I’d like to know who actually made the reel – there is no maker’s name? I’d like to know if it was made for the TV specifically? And I’d also love to know how it is Yatesy ever let a jewel like this go, especially considering it does not look like big money was involved?

Chris… if you are out there, get in touch please! It’s been too long by far since we have had a natter, and I’d love to clear these questions up while we are at it!