Korda Mini Method Feeders

Korda Mini Method Feeders

  • In sizes 1/2 oz and 1ozs
  • £ 1.99

The bigger Korda method feeders have been popular amongst specimen carp anglers for some years now. More recently, match and pleasure anglers have been using smaller and lighter method feeders for all manner of species like tench and even bream on waters like Clattercote and Drayton reservoirs and many smaller commercial lakes. Korda have been hitherto missing out on this business, but not any longer.

Earlier this year they launched their new mini method feeders, designed almost identical to their bigger brothers. The beauty of the design of both is that the weight is biased to one side of the three bladed feeder, when it hits the water it always falls with the weighted side down. Therefore, by placing your hookbait in the topside of the moulded groundbait you KNOW it’s going to be available to the fish and not buried underneath as it might be with other feeders.

Of course, these new smaller feeders can be just as useful in fishing for big carp especially in winter when not as much groundbait would be required. You can use them with anti-tangle rig tubing, but as the hook and bait is buried in the ball of feed I can’t see the point (is that a pun?). However, you could also use lead core or similar leader to ensure the line is pinned to the bottom.

Jeff Woodhouse’s Verdict

At long last! I have used the bigger Korda method feeders for big carp since just after they were introduced and for smaller fish a lot of other makes of small method feeders. Some good, some dreadful, but with the introduction of these new mini sizes of Korda method feeders it solves a great problem for me. At least the local shop stocks Korda gear so getting hold of these shouldn’t be a problem.

One of the beauties of the Korda feeders is if you stand them on end, they’ll always fall to the same side. In the water it is the same as it is in the fish tank tests I’ve done. When putting groundbait around these feeders you normally have the weighted side down and this leaves a nice area for your bait to go before applying a second helping of feeder mix. It was one of these feeders that helped to catch Connor’s best carp to date, a 9lbs 4ozs beauty.