3rd February 2001

Although many of you may not want it, the best thing to happen now is fora major cold spell. This will balance out nature, especially in the sea.

During a very cold winter all the small creatures that eat lug and cod spawnseem to be killed off or move out. The result is normally next season a goodyear for codling and lug. So goes the old saying, out of something badalways comes something good.

Another result of this year’s slow fishing at in the lower end of ourregion is that most boat skippers have very few bookings so I have beenunable to get many reports.

Very little from the Southend boats apart from a few dabs and whiting. Thebeaches at Southend are also very slow with only a few flounders on rag andmaddies. In fact the whole of the north side of the Thames is much the same,this includes Canvey, Stanford, Tilbury and Grays. However one bright sparkof hope was from the pier at Southend with local match angler Bill Wakefordlanding 22 flounders in one session on lugworm.

The river Crouch is also quiet apart from the charter boat the Slyvia May run by Andy Hyde, which landed 6 roker to 10lb. The Bradwell fleet is also struggling with only a few codling to 4lb plus whiting and dabs to 12oz.

The beaches at Clacton and Walton have awoken a bit to the news of a fewcodling and dabs at Frinton, Brighton Road and Chase Road. With the pieralso fishing now it seems that this area is now recovering with some fishstarting to feed again. Phone Richard Holgate at Metcalfs to see if this iscontinuing on 01255 675680.

Lawrence from Castaways at Felixstowe recommends you head for Freston or the boathouse at Nacton on the river Orwell for some fun with flounders on rag and maddies at any distance. As the local beaches are fishing very slowly at the moment. For any other tips phone him on 01394 278316.

Dave at Breakaways on 01473 741393 chooses Dunwich for some dabs and Aldeburgh for whiting as the best of a bad bunch.

The river at Yarmouth is full of small bass so Doug at Tackle and Tideinforms me. Head to the central beach for the odd flounder and some dabsfrom the pier. The wreck at Gorleston is producing some codling to 2lb anddabs to 12oz, however further out on the boats here, cod to 17lb are beinglanded. Marine Sports resident Martin, will point you towards Bacton andMundesley for dabs and codling, try also Weybourne. Flounders at Doverstrand and Humberstone Creek on rag and lug baits. On peg numbers 25 upwards at Doverstrand there is also a chance of a codling generally about 1lb with the odd fish to 4lb.



Current Form
A few codling still showing to 5lb, with the hope of an increased run ofspring fish soon. Whiting and dabs will add to codling in your bags.

Lug tipped with squid will attract the codling and the smaller fish, buttry rag or lug for the dabs.

Tackle and Tactics
Use a standard beach caster with tackle to match and 5oz breakaway. Astandard paternoster with 2 or 3 hooks with size 2 for the dabs and size1/0-2/0 for the codling. A lighter hook for the dabs such as the 4446b and astronger hook such as the 3261bln or Kamasan B940. For the codling cast along way, with the best time around 2 hours either side of high water.

Take the A12 to the Clacton turnoff, the A133 follow this road to theFrinton and Walton turnoff, follow into the town where you will see thepier.

Local Tackle Shop
01255 675680

RESULT FROM THE SOUTHEND OPEN BEACH CHARITY MATCH (In aid of the Essex Air Ambulance) Run by the Saas Club on the 28th Jan at Wescliff
42 anglers plus 2 juniors fished in bright sunshine on a calm day, whichdid little to aid flounder fishing. However one hundred and thirty poundswas raised for the Essex Air Ambulance and special thanks should go to Johnand Shelagh at the Castle Pub for their hospitality.

1st Lol Hooper 1lb 5 1/2oz
2nd Charlie Keeling 1lb 4 1/2oz
3rd Ron Richardson 15 3/4oz

The river Medway is also fishing slowly at the moment with some dabs atQueenborough, which i am told is unusual for here. The river swale is verypatchy for flounders with one or two marks producing up to 10 flounders onsome days. The coastal marks are only producing a few dabs and smallwhiting.

All round the south east at Hythe, Seabrook, Folkestone, lots of smallfish are being landed with dabs the main quarry as well as whiting andpouting but no codling. Folkestone pier is fishing very well for dabs at themoment.

Good fishing