The ‘Inland Waters Small Passenger Boat Code’ is currently in Draft form and out for public consultation until the end of May.

This Code lays down minimum standards for construction of the vessel, including stability, freeboard and survivability (where appropriate). It specifies appropriate fire fighting equipment, life saving appliances for use in the event of emergency, and safety precautions to be taken during the normal operation of the vessel.Minimum levels of training for the person in charge of the vessel, and the minimum standards of other crew members are laid down, as well as advice on record keeping and documentation to be carried on board.

The majority of the Broads system falls under Catagory A water, so read the code with this in mind.

You can view a copy of this code through links at

It is strongly recommended that you read this code and if you have comments make them directly to the MCA. (A copy of these comments would also be useful for the Broads Authority, to ensure that they can be fully expressed at the next MCA Code Working Group.)

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