THIS season…

Save ££££££££££s with the new Kor-Pro  Pellet Blunderbuss!

Fires all popular calibres of halibut, krill, bird-food and trout-pellet HUNDREDS OF YARDS silently and efficiently!!! Say goodbye to the frustration and expense of broken catapult elastic…step-up to the latest innovation from KOR-PRO –

“Leave NOTHING to chance”!

*Spring-loaded for ultimate silence / stealthy approach

*Fires 8mm, 16mm, 24mm, 46mm, 80mm pellets MILES!!

*Genuine Pseudoak butt and latest carbon-fibre chamber / barrel

*Deters other anglers


Just £199.99 from www.korprodsuk.com      Order yours – NOW!!



                                                  Fishery Owners!!

If you have syndicate members paying £1000.00 per season they won’t think twice about £3.00 for a cup of Conveno-Cup coffee!

Make £££££££££££ s in profits with this state-of-the-art multi-choice, bank-side beverage dispenser!! Give your members the convenience of round-the-clock warming drinks – at a price!

*Simple adjustment allows price-rise to £25.00

*Can be modified to dispense boilies, maggots etc

*Links with bite-alarm blue-tooth for well-timed

  celebratory drinks!

Just £19, 999.00. Phone for multi (swim-dedicated) purchase price:

06779 212121 www.conveno-cup.org (A subsidiary of Kor-Pro UK)



Tired of waiting for a run?

Cheesed-off with a lack of action?

Many, many years ago, an angler by the name of Richard Walker told his disciples that you can’t catch fish that aren’t there! So why sit around all day waiting for the fish to arrive when you COULD be down the boozer?

With the NEW Carp-Scan cyprinoid tracking device you can go and enjoy a pint or nine while your portable alert keeps an eye on your quarry’s whereabouts!

As soon as old One Eye, Big Brenda or One-Fin approaches your bait – up to 3 miles away – Carp-Scan will flash continuously and emit the authentic sound of thumping wellies and broken Thermos flasks!! Don’t leave your fish dragging a 6 ounce weight around the lake –

GET CARP-SCAN and have a f**king good drink!




                                                Thinking of moving-up?

Buy your next home-from-home from Gnash Developments PLC

Makers of the superb, NEW


Comes complete with 360 degree satellite-dish, fitted carpet, 120lt refuse-bin, padded run-up mat, post-box, luxury bed-chair and central heating. Fixed-rate mortgages available and NO WAITING. Yes, you could move in tomorrow and have a double in the bag by evening!!

*integral internet / wi-fi *complimentary bivvy-slippers and microwave * ‘Carp-Scan’ compatible *available in camo, London bus red, see-through *optional flush-toilet / shower.

Available on-line www.intergnash.bivvy.com  Only £7,595.00 (pegs extra)


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