25th June 2001


Doesn’t the world change when the sun shines, I suppose therewould be some people who would moan if it was like that all the time.It seems that generally the bass population is steadily increasingwhich is great news. Although a lot of the fish are small there aremore 2-3lb fish this year.

The Thames is full of flounders but not on the beaches accordingto one of the trawler skippers. From Canvey to Grays there arereports of small bass flounders, eels and the odd sole. Try wormbaits on the late evening tide to increase your chances of thesetasty fish.

Southend pier is fishing for mackerel by the south station withRussell Clark and Alan Gaskin taking up to 8 fish on several trips.Plenty of very small bass from most areas of the pier and a fewmullet showing from the end. Ring me on 01702 617764 for the up todate news.

Dave Godwin’s Predator from Wallasea managed over 30 smoothoundsinto double figures. The big tides did slow sport down on Sundayalong with plenty of weed. Phone Dave who is also a PAA coach on01702 308043. For the chance of a sting ray go to Bradwell powerstation, Rick Hodson landed one of around 25lb, Russell Clark had oneof 14lb, good fish from the shore. However as my work colleague KevMulgrew will tell you they are not so easy to catch, he has tried for5 trips and failed to catch one yet. Maybe someone should give him atip of the best time to go. I have been told there are plenty ofthese fish in the river for the boats to catch, along with lots ofsmall bass.

John Rawle has been locating some big fish as well. Lloyd Cotterwas in the action again with a 52lb tope and a 19lb 8oz smoothoundsplus smaller ones in one trip. Dave Hunt landed a 23lb smoothoundsand Paul Bennet had a 48lb tope and a 18lb smoothounds. Best baitsare hermit crab, peeler crab and squid. For that big fish bell Johnon 01621 776445.

Not to be outdone Terry Batt took one party to a mark for 50-60bass between 2-3lb for a good days fishing, next day another partygot stuck into plenty of smoothounds. Just across the river DaveWeaving took his anglers for a drift and found plenty of mackerel anda few bass to 6lb.

Richard at Metcalfs in Walton follows on with the bass theme,again plenty of small bass but not much else. Try the beginning ofthe pier for soles or to the right on the beach for soles. Or tryFrinton beach for a stingray. Rag and crab are the best baits at themoment. For the latest ring him on 01255 675680.

Castaways boss Lawrence, also tells me that most beaches areproducing plenty of bass to about 2lb 8oz, and often on spinners andlures of any type, to see if he has a special one ring him on 01394278316. Vic at Viscount Tackle in Ipswich recommends Shingle Streetfor bass being caught on squid slivers, with the rivers Deben andStour also producing, to find out more ring him on 01473 728179.

Dave Brown at Breakaways in Ipswich on 01473 741393 also has basson his mind, he will point you towards Shingle Street as well andalso Shotley for bass on lures as the water is good and clear. By theway the boats are keeping up the score, yes, you guessed it, goodbags of bass. Stuart Smalley by way of a change has news of bass onmost of his patch, soles at Southwold and Kessingland. At Sizewellthere have been bass to 8lb caught on spinners, he also tells me thatthe boats are fishing well for bass.

Gorleston Angling man Jason on 01493 662448, just tells me onething, bass at Mundesley need I say more. Doug at Tackle and Tidetells me that the fishing has droped of a bit over the last week.However a 5lb bass was caught from Yarmouth.

The river Yare is fishing for flounders, eels and a few soles.Breydon Water is producing a few soles made all the easier this yeardue the apparent lack of crabs, so you can fish worm baits forlonger. Lots of small bass from Bacton and Trimmingham in the 1-3lbrange on crab baits. Mackerel are making an appearance at Weybourneand Salthouse on feathers, but still no sign of the smoothounds saysMartin at Marine Sports on 01263 513676. Killingholme, East Haltonand Goxhill for flounders, soles, eels and whiting so CleethorpesAngling boss tells me. Phone Bob for more info on 01472 602002.


Most people know that you get peeler crab from Devon all throughthe winter, not many people have contacts though. Well the Devon SeaFisheries and the Wildlife trust have got together to conduct asurvey on what effects the crabbers and the crab traps are having onthe environment. Would you believe that Devon has 73,000 crabshelters as they call them. They are now going to try to assess howmany crabs are taken each year. For the better or worse they haverecommended no more traps should be laid in the mud until the fulleffects on the rivers and environment are worked out. If you arereading this from Devon and want to be involved please phone TimRobbins on 01803 854648.


Huttoff (Sandy Lands)

Current Form
This venue is producing bass to 4lb, some smoothounds and ofcourse the normal flounders. A few plaice can also be had here aswell as some soles.

To attract these fish I am told that frozen lug, squid andmussels are the top baits at the moment.

Tackle and Tactics
A rod capable of casting more than 100 yards is needed with 18lb lineand a 60lb shock leader. The standard rig here is a pulley rig using2/0 hooks. The ebb tide is best and also if you can get up for thepromise of fish and early morning ebb at that.

Follow the A16 to the A52 to Skegness, and then head towards Suttonon sea. Fish at the back of the Sandy Lands Golf Course.

Local Tackle Shop
Mablethorpe Angling 01507 478444.

The Southend AAS held their annual pier open match on the pier atSouthend on Sunday 24th June. A smaller than expected number ofanglers fished, only 63, this affected the final payout. One of themain reasons was possible the lack of fish down the stem of the pier,due to the jelly fish and weed. B Axcell finally won with 1lb 101/2oz for a total of 450 pounds, in second place was the man on theroll Craig Gore with 1lb 5 1/2oz including the heaviest round fish aneel of 15 1/2oz, and section winner for a total of 455 pounds. GordonMcCain came in third place with 1lb 4 1/2oz, he with Barry Tilson wonthe pairs event. R Baxter got the heaviest flat at 1lb 2oz flounder.The junior prize was won by Lewis Clark. The section resultswere:

Section A. Craig Gore, G McCain, D Tanner.
Section B. B Axcell, G Bolton, P Saunders.

The Crouch open boat match on Sunday, with 30 anglers taking part.The match won by Ian Curtis on the Predator, Ken Wayman and Mark Keycame in second and third place on the Lady Lucy.

The mackerel at Dover have now slowed up as they head off tospawn, this gives a chance for the other fish to get a look in so tryfor bass, pollack down the side of the breakwaters with rag or lures.At night dogfish and eels are more common. The boat fishing forplaice continues to be good with fish up to 4lb drifting on ragworm.

If you like casting try Sandown or Sandwich at low water for a fewsmall smoothounds on crab baits.

The North Kent coast is producing a few flounders, eels and bassto 6lb.

The Penensey Bay beaches in Sussex are fishing for smallsmoothounds to 3lb as well as some small roker, at night some biggerroker and eels.

Eastbourne pier at night fro club members are catching smoothoundsto 10lb, but during the day it is limited to mackerel, bass and smallsmoothounds.

Brighton Marina is proving itself for consistent fishing. Bitesfrom mackerel, garfish and pollack to lures, feathers and spinners.Boats from here are landing cod on redgills and jelly worms.

Try Worthing pier for mackerel and garfish. Pagham and Selsey arethe hotspots for smoothounds with fish up to 20lb, plus a fewstingrays and roker on crab and rag baits.