Andy Komornicki, a cargo agent at London’s Heathrow airport, has landed a new world record 91 lb mirror carp known as The Scar.

New world record carp
Andy Komornicki and his new world record carp at 91lb

“I thought my pal was having me on when he looked into the landing net and told me what I’d caught,” said Andy. “Then when I shone a light in the net, there it was. I couldn’t believe it – it was absolutely immense.”

Andy’s triumph came during a week-long trip to France with three mates. They were north of Dijon fishing Luke Moffat’s water, The Graviers on a clear, crisp night.

Despite its size, Andy took only 10 to15 minutes to land the fish. “It’s hard to describe how I felt, I was just so elated,” the British Airways employee recalled.

It turned out quite a trip. In all Andy landed 11 fish totaling 508lb, including his world record and five others around 50lb or more. “We were fishing in a lovely spot and the big one really was the icing on the cake.”

For some time The Scar – so called because of body damage caused by tangling with wire – disputed the world record with another specimen in the renowned Rainbow Lake, also in France.

But that one died earlier this year, leaving The Scar as the undisputed heavyweight champion. Even after taking off four pounds for the weighing sling, Andy still beat the old record by two pounds.

He said. “It must have been about 17-18 years old but they can live to 25 and beyond.”

Back home, Andy was flooded with phone calls and e-mails from well-wishers, friends and the media, all excited about the one that didn’t get away.

New world record carp
“It was immense,” says Andy Komornicki

Andy, 64, took up the sport with his Dad more than half-a-century ago and this is by far his proudest moment. He added: “Barring a miracle, I’ll never manage anything like this again.”

>Andy used a Greys 12ft 6in 3lb TC Platinum rod, with a Daiwa 5000T reel loaded with a 17lb Korda Adrena line, 25lb Kryston Snake-Bite hooklength, a Korda size 4 longshank hook fished blowback style on a 1.5in hair. Bait was a Baitcraft T1 boilie.