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Nash Tackle 2013 – New Video

2012 was a great year for Nash Tackle and presented here is the 2013 video which delves into a year in the life of Nash and gives an insight into how new products are developed.

Carp Fishing – Steve Briggs on Cassien

A new video blog from Nash Tackle's Steve Briggs from the bank of the iconic French venue.

Zigging It

Tony Gibson takes a look at one of the most productive of all of the current carp catching methods - the Zig Rig.

Carp Baits and Nutrition Recognition

Graham Marsden wonders if the popular theories regarding carp and nutrition recognition are based on fact or fallacy.

Kevin Nash – Live!

A rare opportunity to see the top man at Nash, Kevin Nash, speaking at the 2012 Carpin' On Show at Five Lakes in Essex.

Carp Fishing – Atomic Tackle Carp Diary 2

Rob Marsh is back with his monthly diary feature and this time, with his first choice of venue slowing right up, he is on a short 'away day' to Abbey Lakes.

Carp off the Top With Mark Pitchers

The latest issue of the Carp Channel includes a brand new episode of 'The Session' in which top carper Mark Pitchers visits Carp Vale Lake to reveal the tricks he uses to get more surface feeding carp to take his hook bait.

Big Pit Carping – The Sticking Place

Simon King relishes the challenge of a genuinely 'ball-breaking' big pit which makes even hardened carp anglers go weak at the knees...

Bait Boat Musings

Sleek, smooth, dynamic craft that can fulfil your every baiting and casting need...But Cliff Hatton wonders if bait boats are really 'progress'.

Carp Bait – Making the Right Choices

Bait guru Gary Bayes takes a look at a some of the factors involved in putting a bait together, with particular reference to incredibly successful Monster Squid.
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