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Carp Fishing

Carp for All… Part 3

STRATEGISING Bradley and Ian, a dad and son team that achieved common success in under two hours of...

Britain’s Hidden Fishes

Jack Perks wants your help to uncover Britain's hidden underwater world THE PROJECT Britain’s fish...

Are you ready for the new season? Carp targets

Ian Gemson takes us through the preparation stage in our quest for target fish

Carp Bait – Making the Right Choices

Bait guru Gary Bayes takes a look at a some of the factors involved in putting a bait together, with particular reference to incredibly successful Monster Squid.

My Greatest Angler

So here we are again in the midst of Covid Crisis and all we can do here at Fishing Magic is hopefully...

The Angling Trust? Are you In or Out?

Over the years I have found that there are some columns that write themselves, and others that are a struggle from beginning...

Carp for All… Part 4

TACKLE Simon Clarke with a thirty taken on an Avon Apologies for the delay in...

A Rod Hutchinson Blast from the Past…

Sometimes in life, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, so you drink your milk up. It had been getting to me, all...

Carp Baits and Nutrition Recognition

Graham Marsden wonders if the popular theories regarding carp and nutrition recognition are based on fact or fallacy.

Carp for All… Part 5

CARP ON FLOAT JG with a lovely common Float fishing is enjoying a surge of...
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