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Nash Tackle 2013 – New Video

2012 was a great year for Nash Tackle and presented here is the 2013 video which delves into a year in the life of Nash and gives an insight into how new products are developed.

Carp Fishing – Steve Briggs on Cassien

A new video blog from Nash Tackle's Steve Briggs from the bank of the iconic French venue.

Zigging It

Tony Gibson takes a look at one of the most productive of all of the current carp catching methods - the Zig Rig.

Carp Baits and Nutrition Recognition

Graham Marsden wonders if the popular theories regarding carp and nutrition recognition are based on fact or fallacy.

Kevin Nash – Live!

A rare opportunity to see the top man at Nash, Kevin Nash, speaking at the 2012 Carpin' On Show at Five Lakes in Essex.

Carp Bait – Making the Right Choices

Bait guru Gary Bayes takes a look at a some of the factors involved in putting a bait together, with particular reference to incredibly successful Monster Squid.

Carp Channel Issue 20

The new, star studded issue of 'Carp Channel' is now live and free-to-view here on FishingMagic.

Carp Fishing – Lac du Premier Adventure

Taska consultants Elaine Taylor and Debbie Crouch enjoy a superb stay at French venue Lac du Premiere

Carp Fishing – Urban Banx 5

It's time for the next instalment of Nash Tackle's brilliant 'Urban Banx' video series with Alan Blair.

Carp Fishing – Come Fly with Me

Oli Davies puts away his floaters, bits of cork, trimmed pop-ups and black foam - and gets off to a real 'flyer'
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