Predation and Angling

Rod Sturdy takes a look at just how the Angling Trust is fighting angling's corner in the battle against fish predation.

Wanted: An Effective Water Policy

In his latest blog Martin Salter hands over the reins to FM regular, Rod Sturdy, who postulates how our rivers might be better managed.

Also Ran.

A gentle musing on the pace of fishing

Fishing – Why?

Rod Sturdy is back and contemplating the reasons why we go fishing.

Beavers – Coming to a River Near You Soon?

Rod Sturdy has his say on the recent announcement that Natural England will issue a licence to Devon Wildlife Trust for the managed release of beavers into the wild on the River Otter in Devon.

What, exactly, is a 'best' carp water?

The challenge of identifying and subsequently writing about the 'best of the best' British carp waters seemed straightforward enough, but it soon proved to be anything but...

Money, Money, Money!

At a time of national austerity would it not make sense to brighten-up our country and make a fortune in cash at the same time?

Paying your Dues?

Mark Barrett is 'pretty bloody mad'

In Praise of the Stream – never judge a brook by its cover!

If you are fortunate enough to have a river where it is possible to watch your quarry, stalking chub with natural baits is a tactic that can prove supremely successful in selectively targeting bigger fish. It is also the definitive method where time is short as it requires so little preparation; tackle can be stripped down to its simplest form.

Alternative Angler – Launches

Well it would except that it is just another marvelous figment of Kevin Perkins' colourful imagination.
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