Wintle's World – A Little Too Precious?

There is no God-given right to exceptional fish and alienating the public at large is a heavy price to pay just to sustain the egos of the few, says Mark Wintle.

Black Death on the Irwell By Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews chronicles the rise and massive decline of Manchester's river Irwell.

New Outlook on Winter Fishing

Dave Smith dons his thermals and steps into the cold to enjoy a season of the year he now sees as a real opportunity rather than a hardship.

The Rivers' Close Season

'To be or not to be?' Asks Barrie Rickards, who adheres to the old close season because he wants to, but cannot rationalise it because, he says, it cannot be rationalised.

What do you get from Fishing?

It's important yes, but fishing is not just about catching fish.
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