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Predator Fishing

Predator Fishing – A Beginner’s Guide to Trolling

Mark Barrett gets afloat and takes a look at one of the most effective and enjoyable ways of targeting predators.

Pike Fishing – Traces and Trace Making

Mark Barrett takes a look at the techniques he uses for constructing wire traces.

Predator Fishing – Make your own Buoyant Leger Stems

Andrew Kennedy comes up with a homemade solution to those shop-bought leger stems which always tend to fall apart.

Pike Match Fishing – The Only Way is Esox

FishingMagic's roving match reporter Terry Comerford reports from what, for him, is a very different branch of match fishing - a pike match.

Lifting the Lid on Lures: Part Two – Crankbaits

Mark Barrett is back with the second part of his lure fishing series; this time it's crankbaits under the spotlight.

Pike – First Contact

Christian Barker reflects upon his first capture of a species which literally terrified him.

Take a Friend Fishing – or even worse, take a relative!

Mark Barrett is looking after his young nephew for a weekend and for nine-year-old Adam what better entertainment than for his uncle to take him pike fishing. What could possibly go wrong?

Lure Fishing – Lifting the Lid on Lures

Mark Barrett opens the first in a major new series on lure fishing with a look at the basics.

Pike Fishing – Handle with Care

With the new pike season underway - well, it will be if we ever get a winter - Mark Barrett, with a little help from Ian Welch, has some timely advice on pike handling.

Predator Fishing – A Very Different Match for the ‘Obsessed Angler’

FishingMagic's regular commercial fishing guru and 'Obsessed Angler', Russ Evans, found himself in a very different match this week; not for him the usual carp,roach and crucians - but things with teeth!
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