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A Spanish Carping Experience!

Rob Ritchbell recounts his first carping trip to Spain. It was not quite what he was expecting!

Fishing in New Zealand

A FISHINGmagic member recalls living in New Zealand for a year and the excellent fishing he enjoyed.<

Bristol Waters Trout Report

All the latest trout catch news and prospects from Chew, Blagdon and Barrow reservoirs. Trout feeding heavily now the long nights are drawing in.

More 30’s From RMC

RMC's Fishers Pond carp in Kingsmead One are looking set to break through the 30lb mark before the end of the year.

Message In A Bottle

Not being able to get over to France for a while yet is bad enough, but when you're sent pictures of your favourite drink........

RMC News Roundup

Two 7lb chub end the season at Fishers green, a 27.14 carp from Sandhurst and the in-depth story of the capture of 'Mallins' at 42lb 4oz from Wraysbury One.

The Linear Report

Len Gurd reports with the latest news from Oxford's Shimano Linear Fisheries complex - The are vacancies in the new year on a 40-pounder water.

Lord's Lake

Scott Ratcliffe and Mick Fisher enjoy a visit to a brand new French lake for some tremendous sport with the freshly introduced carp.

The Linear Report

Len Gurd reports with the past week's news about Oxford's Linear Fisheries - several carp over 30lb and tench over 9lb

Lymm Angling Club Notes

Larger waters a little fickle in the last week, but steady on Village, Statham, New, Farm, Woodside, Founders, Sandy, Sandybank and Pools. Concern over Severn is unfounded.
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