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Coarse Fishing

Medway Barbel Musings

Hugo Curgudgeon looks back at golden summer evenings in pursuit of whiskers on the marvellous Medway

Heroes and Villains…

Kevin Perkins takes a somewhat tongue in cheek look at some of angling's great, and not so great, characters

Alternative Ebro Part Two

Andrew Kennedy is back with the second, and final, instalment of his Ebro adventure and this time it's the cats which take centre stage.

Where do you go from there?

Eddy Widdup tells the cautionary tale of just what happened to him when he finally caught his dream fish.

Playing with Matches

Peter Hobson enjoyed a long and passionate match fishing career back in the 70s and early 80s - fishing for the Starlets and Birmingham. This particular memoir dates back to 1970.

Barbel and Nutrition

Fred Crouch takes a look at what he perceives to be one of the main causes of concern in modern barbel angling - overfeeding.

Dream Catcher

Kevin Perkins goes dream fishing for ...

Work, Rest and Play

Peter Hobson briefly escapes from work into a very different world

The Fishing Widow

Neil Maidment takes a look at angling life...from a very different perspective.

Winter Chubbing

Christian Barker aka 'The Chav Professor' takes a detailed look at his angling passion - winter chubbing - and has some particularly insightful thoughts on that perennial chub conundrum - effective bite indication.
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