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Coarse Fishing

Desperately Seeking Barbel

Andy Scholey and his mates take a break this year from the Yorkshire Swale and attack the Severn, but are the results any different?

The SAS Angling Four Seasons Cup – Round 2

Tench Time! Flashback now as we revisit the reed fringed, lilly-padded ponds of spring and summer. Sy Heighes from the SAS Angling Specimen Group reports on the second event in the SAS annual fun competition. The members are jostling for position.

Cold Water Grayling

With all the talk of grayling and another recent article, Sean Meeghan explains his north Yorkshire methods for catching them.

Life on the Line

Cliff tells us that it's not all about fishing, some people have to work ..... and how!

The End of a Two Year Blank…

Regular contributor Samantha Collins Ratcliffe is overjoyed with her thirty after a two year wait.

FM forum Grayling Day

A group of FM members hit the Lower Itchen for a fish-in...

How to catch a grayling

What a pompous title for an article! Perhaps 'How I prefer to catch grayling' would be a better title but anyway.
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