Wayne & Jason Go Night Fishing

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Wayne & Jason Bait-up

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Wayne & Jason are in the kitchen…

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The Alternative Angler – Pike Lines

Kevin Perkins is in poetic mood and gives us 'Pike Lines' (with apologies to the PAC) a poem to put you in the mood for piking...

Wrong again: Pear shaped holidays in wahoo paradise

Cliff Hatton lashes out on a dream - then discovers it's only REM

The Alternative Angler

Alternative Angler Kevin Perkins has been wondering about the future of angling and contemplating condoms for hooks........

The Alternative Angler – Amanda’s Tale

This week Kevin Perkins puts his column into Amanda's hands so she can dish the dirt on a certain FM member......

The Alternative Angler – Wondering about Wandering

Kevin Perkins looks back at the beginnings of his angling career and at the relationships between fathers and sons.

Monday Morning Humour #5

Peter Gander with a cartoon to make Monday morning a little easier to bear...

What type of Forum’ite are you?

Keith Manger takes a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the types of anglers that you find on fishing forums
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