Wayne & Jason Bait-up

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Wayne & Jason Go Night Fishing

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Wayne & Jason are in the kitchen…

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The Alternative Angler – Pike Lines

Kevin Perkins is in poetic mood and gives us 'Pike Lines' (with apologies to the PAC) a poem to put you in the mood for piking...

Wrong again: Pear shaped holidays in wahoo paradise

Cliff Hatton lashes out on a dream - then discovers it's only REM

The Unvarnished Truth – Part 2

The continuing adventures of Donald and Damien..

The Alternative Angler

"If I take my almost teenage son fishing it is a very painful experience, as we have to go to the hospital first to have the PS2 dual shock controller surgically removed from his hands," says Kevin Perkins.

The Alternative Angler

Alternative Angler Kevin Perkins takes a look at the fishing clubs that allowed him to be a member.....

The Alternative Angler – Har-Rods

That forward-thinking company TickleTackle have opened a small establishment in Knightsbridge, reveals Kevin Perkins.

The Alternative Angler

Alternative Angler Kevin Perkins wonders if boats and baitboats offer an unfair advantage, and if we should take a leaf out of the sea angler's book when it comes to record fish
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