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Storm Kettles

The Joy of the Storm Kettle!

Since acquiring the first of my two Storm Kettles some ten years ago I have had to decide on countless occasions whether to pack...

One for the youngsters: Decent Dan Part 3. Dan and Pete get serious!

When light came, long after the departure of the criminal, Dan left Pete to look after the fishing gear and strolled over to where...
Fly Tipping

One for the youngsters: ‘Decent Dan’ part 2

This is Part 2 of Decent Dan, written for dads, mums, granddads and grandmas who might like to read a bed-time story to the...

Review: The Columbia Blood 'n' Guts lll Tropical Sun-Shirt

                                       Margaret, Margaret!!! - Where’s me shirt? The blue...

Rigs Page – Bullet Booms

This time Basil McCabe has been experimenting with drilled musket balls and anti-tangle tubing to make a 'bullet boom'

Pit Fishing for Tench – Part 2

In Part 2 Steve Innes of The TenchFishers shares the secrets of his tackle box for pit tenching.

Family Fishing Break Like No Other

Self-catering fishing holidays don't come better than this. Graham Marsden takes a break at Brompton Lakes.

Aussie Match Record

Australian five hour match record broken

Experimental predator rigs

Paul Hadfield (Dayglowfroggy) puts his thinking cap on - but wonders if his ideas can be improved.

SAFE In Their Hands

Stoke Angling For Everyone (S.A.F.E) is an organization to encourage and guide new anglers. They've recently been awarded National Lottery cash.
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