The Acquired Arte of Worme Getteing

Here's an archive piece: an article from Mr Mole on how to catch those wriggly worms...

What Types of PVA are there?

Samantha Collins-Ratcliffe takes us through a brief introduction into the uses of PVA products for fishing.

Better Boat Fishing part 4

Eric Edwards continues his boat fishing series with a look at the the rods and reels he uses

Better Boat Fishing part 3

Eric Edwards explains why boat fishing is such a great idea!

Better Boat Fishing Part 2

In part two of this fascinating and informative series, Eric Edwards looks at anchors, lazy lines, weak-links, plus, plus, plus.... and tells how to use them.

So you want to start carp fishing? Pt2

The second and final article by Ian Gemson on the essential tackle required for those taking up carp fishing for the first time.

Better Boat Fishing Part 1 – Choose Your Boat

Part one in a series by Eric Edwards. This is the ultimate 'how to' for freshwater boat anglers, don't miss it!

How to – Making Pike Traces

Jeff explains his methods on how to make your own pike snap and lure traces

Grayling and the Czech Nymph

Richard Bartlett takes us into the strange world of Czech Nymphing - a seemingly all-conquering grayling tactic for fast and deep water.

Modern Carp Care

Ian Gemson concentrates on caring for your catch once it's on the bank
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