Keep Catching Through Winter

Ian Gemson has some tips on how to keep catching through the hardest months of the year

Creating a Cork Float

Fancy making your own floats? Here, George Lockhart tells us of his methods for making some superb coarse fishing floats.

Positive River Piking

Graham Marsden with an in-depth feature about fishing rivers for pike.

All You Need To Know – Part 3, Stick and Waggler Floats

Jeff now looks at all the floats you can buy and unravels the mysteries of which to choose and how best they can be used.

Winter Carp Fishing

Ian Gemson pulls on his socks and shows us how to catch carp in the cold. Don't miss this piece!

High Attractor Hook Baits

One of Britain's top chefs, Scott Ratcliffe, explains his method for making high attractor hook baits, which are especially good in winter, he says.

Kennet Perch Part 2

Will Barnard with the second part of his in depth look at perch fishing on the Kennet.

Kennet Perch Part 1

Reading Borough's angling officer Will Barnard takes us perching on the Kennet

Lessons Learned from a Pro

The best way to learn is to teach - or so they say. Unless you take a day out with a pro coach like Ian Gemson that is...

Bankside Cooking – Fillet of Salmon (Horseshoe Style)

Following their (Scott and Samantha) recent trip to Horse Shoe Lake, Scott Antony Ratcliffe, Master Chef of Great Britain, shows us how he makes a tasty fillet of salmon.
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