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Coarse Fishing

Coarse Fishing

The Ghost in the Drain.

The Indifferent Crucian relates his tale from some time ago when he encountered a ghost carp in a quite tiny stream, but discovered far more.

I Should Cocoa!

A True Story ... unfortunately

Short Whip Fishing

Peter Jacobs with an in-depth look at short whip fishing. "Far from being a brainless method, fishing a short whip can be an exciting, fruitful and rewarding experience," says Peter

Gazumping Great Carp: fiction

Undiscovered carp lakes full of monster fish often brings out the worst in people... More fishing fiction from Geoff Maynard

Behind the Scenes with the Thames Fisheries Team

Earlier this year, the Thames Anglers' Conservancy (TAC) attended an EA fish survey on the Thames and Steve Holmes took the opportunity to question the Fisheries officers on their work.

Desert Island bread: How to fish the Super-bait

Christian Barker explains how to use your loaf to best advantage

All You Need To Know – Part 5, Monofilament lines

This is a series to help new and returning anglers to choose the right sort of gear for the fish they intend pursuing. In this part it's monofilament main lines.

The Secret Mere

Danny Taylor finds what must be every anglers dream, a secret lake... and cracks it!

The SAS Angling Four Seasons Cup – Round 4

It's the final round of the Four Seasons and the venue is Lower Benyons on the Kennet...

Chasing dreams: monster chub from tiny rivers

Christian Barker takes us through a learning curve on his local river and reveals how he came to land a huge chub...
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