The Unvarnished Truth – Part 1… another episode in the Donald & Damien Saga

Damien wasn't often lost for words, but this was one situation that left him speechless. Donald had been pottering around in the garage for some time, and Damien's curiosity had finally got the better of him, but the sight that met his eyes had literally stopped him in his tracks.

Wrong again: Pear shaped holidays in wahoo paradise

Cliff Hatton lashes out on a dream - then discovers it's only REM

Dear Bill – A letter to an angling agony aunt

Cliff Hatton gets put on hold

Carper’s Paradise

Cliff takes a tongue-in-cheek glimpse at 21st Century angling holiday venues

A Bitter-Sweet Experience.

Cliff Hatton revels in a catch of half a lifetime, a marvellous 3Â

All B*ll*cks and cormorants!

Cliff watches the TV News and comes to a conclusion...

Meldrew’s Syndrome

Cliff Hatton takes a look around his world and simply can't believe it...

Then: Memories of Essex angling haunts

Cliff Hatton revisits his youth

The Graham Marsden Retirement Mega Fish-In.

An Alternative view, by Kevin Perkins.....

Free Barbeque Offer!

We ran this some four years ago, but with the recent beautiful sunshine and hot weather, the offer is back on!
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