The true story of the 2010 Press Manor fish in

For non-forum members, this will not make a lot of sense. For forum members, it probably won't make a lot of sense either. So, here it is, Lord Paul of Sheffield's account of what actually transpired at whatever the whats-it's-name it was, what, with all the trout and stuff...

The Alternative Angler – Give Us this Day

This week the Alternative Angler (a.k.a. KevinPerkins) looks at adding an extra dimension to old style baits....

Election Fever – 2010

On the last day before the General Election we bring you this report on the "other runners" who may help to form a Government should there be a hung Parliament.

Huntin' & Fishin'

Well prepared he may be, normally, but Cliff Hatton confesses that he too can have the odd "senior" moment.


Whilst Loveridge and many like him show no fear of cows or their male counterparts, others are scared stiff, including Cliff Hatton.

You’re in the Swagger Now

Fish on Fish. The strange underwater world of Wobbly Face

The Alternative Angler – Strike..!!

This week Kevin introduces the NEW gossip magazine for anglers to rival OK! and Hello!

Black to White

Contrary to what you might believe now it IS possible to turn your beliefs completely upside-down.

Fishing for Peace – what they didn't tell you…

Could a fish-in for pike and general bank chit-chat have averted the invasion of Iraq in 2003? Cliff Hatton seems to think so ....

The Real Underwater World of Carl the Carp

Wobbly Face reveals what really goes on underwater with a commentary from Carl the Carp.
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