First Class Fishing Part 6 – Legering

Dave Cooper shows you how to fish the Method Feeder.

My Horseshoe Experience

Last year 14 year old Lee Buchan joined the Carp Society's Junior Carp School and was soon hauling lumps like a veteran!

First Class Fishing Part 5 – Legering

Dave Cooper teaches Big River Feeder Fishing in the legering masterclass.

A New Forum Category

Beginners and Improvers, your very own forum section.

First Class Fishing Part 4 – Legering

Part 4 in the legering masterclass. This week Dave Cooper teaches 'Light Legering On A Small River'.

Club Scraps Membership Fees For Juniors

Warlingham & District AS last night agreed to scrap membership fees for juniors under 12 in a bid to encourage new anglers into the sport.

First Class Fishing Part 3 – Legering

Part 3 in the legering classes. This week Dave Cooper covers bobbin indicators.

First Class Fishing

Dave Cooper with the second lesson in his series of legering classes. This week he teaches quivertipping on stillwaters.

First Class Fishing

Dave Cooper with the last class in the float fishing section of his popular beginner's series. Part 8 deals with fishing Balsa and Avon floats.

First Class Fishing

Dave Cooper introduces the beginner to stickfloats in Part 7 of his in-depth classes.
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