Laguna Baits

SALT (Part One) by Chris Wilson of Laguna Fishing Products.

Are we putting too much salt in our bait? Should we be worried about it? Many anglers swear by salt as an attractant (bait additive)...

Martin Salter: A Tasty Silver Lady and a Top Ten of Sorts

I must confess that I get a little weary of the modern tendency in journalism to reduce everything to a series of top ten,...
Storm Kettles

The Joy of the Storm Kettle!

Since acquiring the first of my two Storm Kettles some ten years ago I have had to decide on countless occasions whether to pack...

Review: The Columbia Blood 'n' Guts lll Tropical Sun-Shirt

                                       Margaret, Margaret!!! - Where’s me shirt? The blue...

Fred Buller – Angling’s Great Researcher

In 2006 Rod Sturdy had the pleasure of meeting and talking at length with the late Fred Buller, incorrigible angler, researcher and writer. Here Rod unearths much of what made the man tick and a wealth of little known facts about the great man.

Crooked Lines – A Collection of Anarchic Angling Tales by Dominic Garrett

If you're looking to put a smile on a fellow angler's face this Christmas, this might be just what you're looking for.

Oakley Crosslink Sweep – Review

Via our friends at Shade Station we are taking a look at some serious specs that are just as good around town as they are around your favourite fishery.

Tangles with Pike

Ian Welch opens the pages of a new pike fishing book from regular FM contributor Dominic Garnett.

Don’t Drink the Water.

Well actually yes, with this incredible new filter technology from Water-to-Go you can drink the water - wherever you are.

Book Review: Lure Fishing – Presentation and Strategy

Jeff Woodhouse reviews what he concludes is: 'a brilliant thought-provoking tome that everyone should read, whether a proficient lure chucker or learner.'
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